It’s May…so it’s time for our next event!

“Mother May I…Shop Handmade?” will be our next monthly event, which is being held on May 11th. We will have vendors who specialize in so many unique, whimsical, and random handmade peices. You will have plenty to choose from to give a one of a kind gift to your mama. We are also very excited to have a simple, yet beautiful, make and take craft table. We wanted to have some fun with our raffle this month, so we will be doing a “CRAFT” Bingo. Each card will be $1.00 each.

Along with all of the fun inside, there will be “The Viking Food Truck” serving all kinds of yumminess.

Hope to see you there!

~A Little Known Craft Gals~

Support local artists and crafters

Mother May I Shop Handmade - A Little Known Craft - Flyer - 05-11-13 Event


Cityscape with Godzilla Business Card Holder

Display your cards by recycling old papers and making a cute cityscape with Godzilla!
Cityscape with Godzilla Business Card Holder
Materials needed:
Tacky Glue
Business Card
Cutting Blade
Cutting Board/Scissors
Black Cardstock
Beige Cardstock
White Cardstock
Paper for Godzilla
Hole Punch (optional)


Step 1.  Place business card on the top of the black cardstock. Fold the paper at the bottom of the business card.



Step 2. The red arrow is the first fold you did. Now fold a second time upward. Leave a little space between folds so you can fit multiple cards.


Your paper should look like this:


Step 3. Fold the left side half way behind, to the first crease. This will give it a stand. Photo-25 Photo-26

Step 4. On the other half of the paper, place your business card to the crease on the right side. Make a mark a little less than half of your business card.



Step 5. Cut that line off.



Step 6. Take your white cardstock and cut a one inch tall strip. Make sure it will not be covering your business cards.


Step 7. Cut a strip of white cardstock about 1 inch above your business card for the backdrop that goes behind card.




Step 8. Draw out your city silhouette using your ruler and pencil on both pieces of cardstock.


Step 9. Cut your city out by following your pencil lines.


Step 10. Using a hole punch or cutting blade, make windows.


Step 11. Place your smaller piece of white cardstock on the beige cardstock. Glue it down and cut around your city.



Step 12. Do the same with the bigger city silhouette, but glue onto black cardstock. Then cut around the city.


Step 13. Glue to the folded black cardstock. The larger city silhouette with dark windows is glued to the back  cardstock, and the small city silhouette with beige windows will be glued to the front cardstock.


Step 14. You can do anything creative to add to this, but we decided to cut out a cute Godzilla.

Photo-42Enjoy! We’d love to see what you create with your very own business card holder. Comment below with links to your pictures!