Handmade in the Shade Recap


Last Saturday we had our Handmade in the Shade event. It was an amazing evening full of handmade goodies and summer fun. Artists and crafters from all around Orange County came out to show their gorgeous original pieces. There were makers of all kinds from artists and painters to jewelry artists and an amazing creator of fairy gardens.



Handmade11   Handmade13Handmade14   Handmade15Handmade16   Handmade17

handmade32   handmade31

      Handmade8      Handmade4


The gorgeous location provided by Community had ample shade but we couldn’t escape the summer heat. The make-it and take-it table was a popular one: make your own fan!



Handmade22   Handmade25
































Waffle-icious came by with sweet and savory waffle treats. Who knew that you could have a turkey melt on a waffle?


Raffles went on during the entire evening’s event. Our vendors were so generous and donated some beautiful pieces to be raffled off.



Genevieve serenaded us with her sweet voice and helped make the summer evening perfect.


After the Handmade in the Shade show, “Sandlot” was shown at the outdoor theater behind Community.

It was a wonderful summer day full of creativity and friendship. So many people came out to support our event and made it one to remember.



Join us August 10th for more summer fun! Our craft show will run from 5-8pm and we’ll be showing “Hook” at 8:15pm!

Bring a chair, blanket, and maybe even a snack and join us!

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/540556795992629/

See the calendar for future events and save the dates.



-Photos and Blog by Rose Binoya


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