“The Daddy Issues” was a BLAST!


Photo by Eva Sowinski

Wow! So many wonderful vendors and supporters came out to our event. The weather was so beautiful, our courtyard was filled with the aroma of food, amazing art, music and talented artist’s showing off their skills.
set2Photos by Rose Binoya

set6Photos by Rose Binoya

This event proved that it needs to be an annual theme based on the turnout and how much fun everyone was having. Each vendor had unique, one of a kind items based on the theme of comics and Star Wars. All of our inner (and outer) geek came out and we loved it!

set4Photos by Rose Binoya

 Among all of the art that filled the tables, we also had a few space inspired decorations made by future artists. A Little Known Shop offered a workshop called, “Watercolor Your Planet”. The planets hung from above along with the Death Star.

set11Photo by Eva Sowinski

As always, Waffle-icious brought the most amazing food and kept our bellies full. So many great items to choose from on their menu. Don’t worry, they will be back for our July 13th event so you can try something new from their menu.

set12Photos by Rose Binoya

Along with shopping, guests found themselves creating at the make and take table. We offered magnets, pins and sticker foam heads which they could turn into superheroes.When they were done, some moved their creative minds into The Makery for more crafting.

This youngster made his favorite superhero…his DAD!

set13Photo by Eva Sowinski

Filling the courtyard with beautiful tunes was guitarist and singer Bradley Hargrove.

Screen shot 2013-06-24 at 2.34.09 PMPhotos by Rose Binoya

The outstanding vendors were so generous and donated several of their handmade goodies to the raffle so guests could have a chance to go home with amazing merch! This table was so popular and we can’t wait to see what our raffle will look like next month.

set13Photo by Eva Sowinski

BOOM! POW! ZAP! The photo booth got a lot of laughs and everyone had fun changing out the captions that were provided. They could channel their inner super powers to create fun poses with friends and family.


set15Photo by Eva Sowinski

set10Photo by Alisa Hein

The very talented Playkill artist, Eric Padina, came out and did live art while selling prints of his work. Everyone was blown away by his artistic abilities. It’s always so neat to see an artist showing their sweet skills.

set7Photos by Eva Sowinski

We are so happy to see the community coming together and having fun at our free events. All we can ask is that they all spread the word and show up each month with new guests. In between our monthly events, our shop is open for purchasing handmade and original art. Don’t forget, we have The Makery art studio too which offers affordable and fun projects for all.

set1Photos by Rose Binoya

Hope to see you at our event next month:

“Handmade in the Shade” at COMMUNITY

423 S. Brookhurst St.

Anaheim, 92804

RSVP here: https://www.facebook.com/events/560481657347759/


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We Get Crafty



Photos by Eva Sowinski

set14Photos by Eva Sowinski



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